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Clear Span Pavilions

Clear Structure

We suggest using block-out for roof & gables, with walls being a combination of translucent, block out or clear PVC – to your specification.  All our fabric is fire resistant and rated to AS1530.2 & AS1530.3.

An easy way of looking at the configuration of a structure is as follows:

Firstly, there is a base module comprising one complete bay of structure:  2 portals, all purlins, wall bars, tension tubes, hardware, pegs, roof, two gable ends and all walls for the perimeter, with wraps/bags as required.

Extension bays increase the length of the base module. Each extension bay comprise a complete portal frame, wall bars, purlins, tension tubes, all hardware/pegs, roof & wrap plus two walls and bag/wrap as required.

To split a structure (create two from one) you would need a gable unit, being a portal frame with all hardware & pegs, gable frame work/fabric set (for two ends), roof and wall brace set.

All prices are on application.

Note that the cost per m2 decreases the longer the Pavilion because the gable cost is amortised over a greater area.

Our Pavilion range is as follows:

  • 3m/4m/6m/9m & 10m pavilion comes in 3m bays
  • 6m also comes in a 4m bay
  • 10m/12m & 15m pavilion comes in 5m bays